The purpose of DVI e-courses is to offer the opportunity to learn the authentic teachings of the Buddha, or dhamma, for free. It is possible to participate in two e-learning courses:
  1. Authentic Dhamma - as Taught by the Buddha
  2. Mindfulness and Concentration - as Taught by the Buddha
E-courses are planned to open in 2024/2025.
E-learning is learning that takes place partially or completely with the help of digital technology tools. An e-learning environment is used to support learning with e-learning. Completing an e-learning course is easy and convenient. If you need help, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help!

The e-course allows you to

1. complete the entire course without contact in an e-learning environment;
2. use e-learning materials for learning;
3. learn more diversely and actively;
4. use various multimedia tools, such as educational videos, lecture recordings, interactive educational materials, etc.;
5. communicate with fellow students and the teacher via the forum;
6. get support from the teacher in doing independent work;
7. submit work electronically and receive feedback from the teacher.

Free Buddhist education

The e-courses are taught by teachers with extensive knowledge, whose goal is a selfless wish to share with the world the highest teaching ever taught on this planet. For the Buddha's teaching to illuminate the path of as many people as possible, e-learning is 100% free (except for the cost of issuing a paper certificate if the student wishes). If the student wants to support the maintenance and further development of Dhammavinaya Institute's e-learning, he can make a voluntary donation on the SUPPORT page!

For the digital generation

A completely free and open Buddha's Liberation from Suffering e-learning, you can take it with you wherever you go!

1. Authentic Dhamma - as Taught by the Buddha

2. Mindfulness and Concentration - as Taught by the Buddha